Worship Service “The Arrow and the Ezel Stone”

Christ Works! Tucked into a turbulent account of Old Testament history is a beautiful story of True Friendship. I Samuel 20, recalls the loyalty between Jonathon and David. They create a plan for mutual and ongoing relationship that God’s covenant might continue for His people. We are approaching the time of Pastoral transition for Christ Church. My last Sunday at Christ church is June 27. On July 4, Rev. Mike and Holly Grant will begin as your new pastors. I want to fully bless you my friends and share with you how this transition will be viable. This Sunday we invite you to gather at 9 AM for worship in the Sanctuary and at #Lot4praise! We will sing, pray, our choir will return for a special ministry and I want to share my final message, its from I Samuel 20 “The Arrow and the Ezel stone!” See you in church this Sunday! In Christ. Pastor Larry