“The Intersection of Failure and Restoration!”

Christ Works! Some of us Baby Boomers were raised up with the Captain Penny rule; “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool Mom. She’s pretty smart and pretty nice, if you do what Mom says, you won’t go far wrong.” A Mother’s primary goal, (a responsibility she’s entrusted by God) is get the “smart” and “right” ways transferred to her children! Her mission is to give them Courage to be independent, Faith to rely on God and Wisdom to make mature decisions! As kids observe her counsel, I am convinced we won’t go far wrong. In John 21, Jesus is at the intersection of the transfer of the mission to His disciples. Prior to His departure to heaven, Jesus must resolve an awkward relationship. He will confront Peter about the inconsistency in his loyalty. This Sunday in worship (Mother’s Day), we will consider the gap between what was and what will be--how loyalty effects not just family but our relationship with Christ. We will hear God’s path for restoring what’s been broken. This Sunday at 9 AM we invite all to gather for worship in the Sanctuary or North parking lot (89.5 FM #Lot4praise)! We will sing, Pray together, Celebrate moms and I am excited to share a message from John 21, “At the Intersection of Failure and Restoration!” In Christ. Pastor Larry