At the Intersection of Heaven and Earth!”

Christ Works! Goodbyes aren’t easy, especially for the one leaving. And if you’ve ever had to say a final goodbye to a child, parent, or spouse, you know how bad goodbyes can be! In Acts 1 Jesus is saying goodbye to His disciples… for three years they bonded in loyalty, persevered thru rejection, and were reunited by resurrection! Jesus changed their lives! But now there would be a physical separation as Jesus departed this world, and graduated to heaven. When He left their presence however He did not depart entirely. Jesus left behind a part of Himself! This Sunday I want you to hear, three things Jesus left behind. They are all found In Acts 1, and they provide a promise and a purpose and the blessed anticipation for a reunion. This Sunday at 9 AM we will assemble for worship in the Sanctuary or North parking lot (89.5 FM #Lot4praise)! We will sing together, Pray, and I am excited to share a message from Acts 1, “At the Intersection of Heaven and Earth!” In Christ. Pastor Larry