Prevenient Grace

I hope you can come on Sunday and be present with us in the Sanctuary or in the parking lot.  Worship is a wonderful time to slow down and to focus on God’s love and blessings.  Please plan to spend this warm Sunday in the cool (air conditioned and yes there are some really cool folks here) presence of your church family.  Blessings.  Rev. Mike

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“Discipleship—Growing Up”

What does a disciple look like? … It looks like you! Over the next 4 weeks which I have left with you dear friends, I would like to focus on the heartbeat of Christ mission—Growing up, down, in and out as disciples of Christ. This Sunday we will gather at 9 AM for worship in the Sanctuary and at #Lot4praise! We will sing together, pray, and I am excited to share a message from Acts 2: “Growing Up!” See you in church this Sunday! In Christ. Pastor Larry

“Discipleship—Growing Up”2021-06-02T19:51:16+00:00
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