Living God’s Way “Honoring God”

Christ Works! I hope you had a very blessed Labor Day weekend. Long before there was a Big Ten Conference (which now has 14 teams, I will never get that), God gave us the Big Ten Commandments. These were rules God gave directly to Moses on the Mountain. They were literally written in stone for us to learn and follow. They are commands on how we are to honor God, honor the Sabbath, and live together in community. For the next month, I will be preaching a series called Living God’s Way. We will kick off this series this week as we look at honoring God. We will also take a little time to pray for our nation as we remember the 20th anniversary of 9-11. I pray you can be with us this Sunday either in person or in the Parking lot 4 Praise as we worship, fellowship, and grow together in our knowledge and love of God. May God richly bless your week and I hope to see you in church. Blessings! Rev. Mike

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“Discipleship—Growing Up”

What does a disciple look like? … It looks like you! Over the next 4 weeks which I have left with you dear friends, I would like to focus on the heartbeat of Christ mission—Growing up, down, in and out as disciples of Christ. This Sunday we will gather at 9 AM for worship in the Sanctuary and at #Lot4praise! We will sing together, pray, and I am excited to share a message from Acts 2: “Growing Up!” See you in church this Sunday! In Christ. Pastor Larry

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The Intersection of Mission and Fishin!

Christ Works! Apart from the cross, the fish symbol is probably the most recognized symbol of Christian faith. It is found on cars, Bible covers, church logos, and more. When people ask about its meaning, I usually point out its Greek acronym as Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior. Taking the first letter from each word in that phrase, we have the Greek word for “fish” (icthus). The fish symbol also reminds us of the signs of Jesus’ ministry. In John 21:13 at the Sea of Galilee Jesus performed His final miracle—Disciples would be left amazed, after fishing long hours without success, Jesus provided the best big fish story ever told, and it did not conclude with the one that got away!

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“The Intersection of Obscurity and Recognition!”

Christ Works! Because He lives, all fear is gone! I know He holds the future, and I can face an uncertain tomorrow, just because He lives! It was 50 years ago when Gloria Gaither first experienced a test which would become her greatest testimony! She was overwhelmed with anxiety; she felt overwhelmed with the thought of her baby growing up in a world which seemed out of control. God’s Spirit directed her focus on Christ and gave the calm assurance! With God a child (and its mom) can face a future without fear because of the living Christ! Out of every test, God will raise up a testimony. This Sunday at 10-10:45 we are planning to enter a 3rd phase of our Church reopen project; So we invite you to gather for a Sunday School/Holy Conference conversation in Fellowship Hall. Prior to reopening our Sunday School classrooms for study we will gather for conversation about the tests we have experienced during the past year. We also want to share the testimony of where and how we have seen God at work. This Sunday at 9 AM we invite the church to gather for worship in the Sanctuary or in the North parking area (89.5 FM #Lot4praise)! We will sing, pray together and I am excited to share a message, “At the Intersection of Obscurity and Recognition! In Christ. Pastor Larry

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