Jesus Christ Works!

Christ United Methodist Church exists to bring people to a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to bring all believers to maturity in Christ through worship, study, training, and to place them in ministry both within and without the congregation.

Our Core Values:  

We believe Christ United Methodist Church in Louisville exists to bring people to Personal Saving Relationship (PSR) with God.
Even in our crazy busy culture and time, a PSR is the only matter that makes a difference for eternity!
When we experience how passionate is that love relationship with God.

We are energized to grow in four ways:

1. We grow up to God in Worship.

2. We grow in study of the Word.

3. We stretch in training, committed to doing what is right with projects and groups committed to building better marriages, families, and communities.

4. We extend out in ministry events and mission projects to our city, nation and world.

2020 Church Goals:

1. In order to grow believers in their faith through study of the Word, Christ Church will initiate two ministries:

        A. Read through the Bible in a Year Challenge- 40 persons read the Word, cover to cover.

       B. Small group study in Lent- 40 persons participate in small groups, to grow in knowledge of God’s Word, confidence in its reliability, and relevant application in life.

2. In order to “contend for faith once for all entrusted it to saints,” (Jude 3) Christ Church will partner with Wesleyan Covenant Association to plan, promote and host two events in 2020:

       A. WCA youth retreat (Plugged IN) reaching up to 125 youth, with a goal for a power surge of fresh faith.

       B. “Contend for the Faith” gathering, East Ohio Churches will rally to reclaim God’s work of sanctifying Faith and embrace renewed appreciation for our Wesleyan doctrinal heritage.

3. So that Christ UMC might have fresh zeal to reach those who do not have have a personal saving relationship with Christ, we will ask 100 men, women and Children to spend 50 days of intentional prayer for the lost.

4. Designate a leadership Sunday in 2020 with the focus on ministries of the Church and to raise awareness of opportunities for service in areas of need.

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