Covenant in the Vine 

Jesus used many illustrations borrowed from the field of agriculture. He told parables about Shepherds who tended sheep, Farmers who raised crops or harvested from trees bearing fruit. In John 15, Jesus described a new covenant relationship with His disciples.

God’s desire is for His people to abide in a love relationship with their creator. His attachment for us is so vital that He becomes source of all life!

Jesus’ Spirit activates our spirit, which germinates, blossoms, and produces fruit, more fruit, and much fruit. This fruit is pleasing and brings glory to God.

This Sunday let us bring an offering of praise and transform our parking lot into a place of His worship! We will pray for our families, churches, city, and nation. Shelly and Clare McAlister will edify our faith in song and I want to share what God’s Spirit is prompting from John 15, “Covenant in the Vine”.

In Christ,

Pastor Larry