Moldova Build a Church Campaign!

The total of contributions since the letter announcing the Moldova church goal totals $19,389.00

In addition to that, 40% 2020 Easter Offering $1148.00, half of the 2020 Thanksgiving Special Offering was designated to the Moldova church build and that total was $1,312.50.

One-third of the Special Christmas Offering was designated to the Christ Church Mission Fund, and the members of the Mission Committee have chosen to give this money to the Moldova church build. That total was $1,440.66.

And finally, the Missions Committee applied for additional money for the Moldova church build when it was announced that there were available funds from the Endowment Fund that would be disbursed this year. Total funds received from the Endowment Fund were $8,287.87, bringing the grand total to be sent to the Moldova church building project to $30,430.03.

After hearing of our outreach to the Modova people, another church in the Youngstown Salem area also pledged to match up to $10,000 for this project, and *Sue Lautzenheiser called today to say Dean Domer let her know another Church is sending $5000.00. so Igor and Cristina Velicanenco will be receiving $46,578.03 to begin their Church Without Walls building.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!