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Christ Works!

Apart from the cross, the fish symbol is probably the most recognized symbol of the Christian faith. It is found on cars, Bible covers, church logos, and more. When people ask about its meaning, I usually point out its Greek acronym as Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior. Taking the first letter from each word in that phrase, we have the Greek word for “fish” (icthus).

The fish symbol also reminds us of the signs of Jesus’ ministry. In John 21:13 at the Sea of Galilee Jesus performed His final miracle—Disciples would be left amazed, after fishing long hours without success, Jesus provided the best big fish story ever told, and it did not conclude with the one that got away!

During the following days of His disciple’s ministry, the church was heavily persecuted. Many would even die for practicing their faith. They would be forced to worship in secret. The location for a gathering of the church would be a fish symbol made by a foot on a dusty road or a carving etched on the outside of a house.

Today following Christ may not involve the levels of intense persecution, but the call of discipleship involves our absolute trust in Him as Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior, and our willful compliance to obey Him as Lord.

This Sunday at 9 AM we invite all those who will trust and obey to gather for worship in the Sanctuary or North parking lot (89.5 FM #Lot4praise)! We will sing, pray together, Receive Holy Communion, Read John 21:1-14, and I am excited to share a message, “At the Intersection of Mission and Fishin’!”

In Christ. Pastor Larry

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