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Christ Works!

I pray you are enjoying your last couple of weeks before School starts and the end of the Dog Days of Summer (it ends August 11th, I had to look that up). As we get to know one another, I have taken us back to some of the basics of the faith.  We have talked about prayer and mission, God’s love for us, and our love for Him and for others.  The next few weeks we will be talking about God’s grace.

In the Wesleyan tradition we talk the most about three forms of God’s amazing grace toward us.  Prevenient grace, justifying grace, and sanctifying grace.  God’s reaching out to us, our accepting his offer to be in a relationship with Him, and His perfecting work in our life. I will spend at least a week on each type of grace, as these terms may not be familiar with everyone.

I hope you can come on Sunday and be present with us in the Sanctuary or in the parking lot.  Worship is a wonderful time to slow down and to focus on God’s love and blessings.  Please plan to spend this warm Sunday in the cool (air conditioned and yes there are some really cool folks here) presence of your church family.  Blessings.  Rev. Mike

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