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Good Friday The Passion Walk is scheduled for Friday, March 29th at noon. The walk will begin at Umbrella Alley. You will visit seven different stations around the town. Rick King will be driving the Church van to each site if you cannot walk. Meet him here at the Church at 11:40 AM. This is a wonderful Holy Week tradition. Please bring a canned food item to donate to the Louisville Community Cupboard.

You Are Invited To The 15th Annual Passion Walk 2024

Good Friday, March 29, 12 noon

Sponsored by the Louisville

Area Ministerial Association

On Friday, March 29, beginning sponsoring “Passion Walk 2024” and Food Drive for the Louisville Community Cupboard.

Participants will experience seven biblical events as they walk a three-mile journey of the. They may take a turn at carrying the cross, give a witness of the cross in the community, and experience on a deeper level Jesus’ teaching in Luke 14:27, “anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

The stations along the journey will include devotional thoughts, music, drama, and ample opportunity for personal and group reflection on the meaning of the passion of Jesus Christ. It is an experience that demonstrates in deeply meaningful action the unifying power of the Passion of Christ to all believers.

Parking is available at St. Louis Catholic Church. We will begin at Umbrella Alley. As in the previous Passion Walks, a shuttle service will be available to those who need it. The Louisville Police Department will again be providing safety assistance as the walk crosses the main roads.

Food Drive Information: We are asking participants to bring can goods, dry goods, and/or money for the Louisville Community Cupboard. We will collect the food at the start of the walk (Umbrella Alley) and the money at the Christ United Methodist Church.

The Schedule and Biblical inspiration for “Passion Walk” is:

  1. Start at Umbrella Alley with Shepherds Hill Church of the Nazarene, 204 East Main Street, with Jesus before Caiphus — Matthew 26:57-68;
  2. Assembly of God Church at Green Space, (across from City Hall) East Gorgas at Mill St, and witness Christ sentenced before Pilate — Matthew 27:11-26;
  3. Christ Church of Louisville, 600 East Gorgas St, where Christ receives His cross — John 19:16-17.
  4. St. Stephen Martyr Lutheran Church, 930 S Nickelplate St where Simon of Cyrene is forced to carry the cross — Luke 23:26;
  5. Beacon Of Hope Community Church, 1101 E Main St, where the daughters of Jerusalem meet Jesus — Luke 23:27-31;
  6. Paradise United Church of Christ, 619 E Main St, where Jesus is stripped of His garments — Matt. 27:27-31;
  7. St. Louis Catholic Church, 300 North Chapel St, where we remember the crucifixion, death and burial — Matt. 27:33-61.

“Miracle Worker” to Lead Louisville Passion Walk

On Good Friday 2009, the ministry of Jesus’ journey to Calvary, was embraced by the LMA, a partnership of church pastors in Louisville. Their mission is a united and visible community witness called “Passion Walk.”  

Over the past fifteen years, thousands have journeyed along various routes, in cold, through rain, and even during a snowstorm. Hardy believers seek to observe and fulfill the challenge of Christ’s Words in Luke 14:27, “anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

One constant despite the variations of weather and routing has been the local resident who has humbly served as the cross-bearer. For the past ten years, “Jesus” has notified his employer so that he may have that time off to participate in the Louisville Passion Walk. Because his employer is Miracle Plumbing Co., “Jesus” has been affectionately known as, the “Miracle Worker.”  Friends, neighbors and the members of his church admire his willing spirit. They know him as Gary Quinn.

On this fifteenth anniversary, the Passion Walk will again be led by Mr. Quinn.  The Passion Walk begins at Umbrella Alley at noon, March 29th . The journey will travel to the Doughboy statue by the city fire station. The walk will continue to 5 area churches, Christ Church of Louisville, St. Stephen Martyr, Beacon of Hpe, Paradise UCC, and St. Louis.  First Assembly of God and Sheperd’s Hill Nazarene will do the presentations at Umbrella Alley, and the Doughboy statue. At each stop on the way of the cross, those who participate will hear the message of that station and witness a reenactment of the Passion Walk of Christ to Calvary.

You are invited to participate, witness the passion, and even take a turn at carrying the cross. Transportation between stops will be provided for those unable to walk.  


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