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Christ Works!

This Sunday is Promotion Sunday, so I hope you will bring your kids and grandkids. Please have them bring their backpacks so we can pray over the children and their packs as they start a new year of school. We will also be praying for teachers and youth leaders in the church and in the schools, as they give of their time and talents to make a difference in the lives of children, youth, and adults. The children will also be back to their special worship time this week.

We are looking together each week at one of the Fundamentals of the Faith. For a few weeks, I will be talking about grace. Last week we talked about the grace that goes before us. Prevenient Grace. This is God’s reaching out to us until we accept his offer of salvation or we die. God is constantly seeking us and drawing us to him. The Holy Spirit nudges us and even seeks to keep us in a place where we can find what Christ is offering.

John Wesley sometimes described the life of grace as a house. Prevenient Grace is living on the Porch. You are not in the house proper, but you are on the property. You have some shelter, you are being watched over and protected, and you are close and able to come in if you choose, but that choice is yours.

This Sunday we will talk about Justifying Grace. John would say that is when you enter into the open door of your house of grace. It is that moment of decision to come inside to the life of faith waiting for you. Only you can decide if you will come in. I hope you will join us on Sunday as we sing and pray and share our life in faith together.


I hope and pray that the basics of faith are good reminders for you and that they get you thinking about your life in faith and give you some tools to share your faith with others. For your safety, I will probably be foregoing handshakes and hugs for a few weeks until we see how things are going in the world, but please come out afterward and give me an elbow bump and say hi. I am looking forward to being with you on Sunday.




Rev. Mike

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