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“God Loves You”

Christ Works!

I will be focusing on Fundamentals of the faith for much of the summer.  For many this will be a review of some of the basics and I pray it will be a good reminder and that the Holy Spirit will bless you with something each week.  For others, this could be new and I pray that these seeds land on fertile soil in your walk with Jesus.

Last week I talked about the Mission of the Church and how it ties with The Great Commission.  For the next few weeks, I will be talking about the two parts of the Greatest Commandment, loving God and loving others.  To set the stage, we need to first understand and truly believe that God loves us.

God is the source of love, He is the creator and author of love and He freely shares that love with us.  As we understand God’s love and amazing grace we begin to grow in it, to share that love back with Him and then with those around us.  One of the issues so many people have is that they don’t feel worthy of love.  They have done things that they know break the heart of God, they struggle with issues or addictions, and they cannot imagine God loving them.

Friends, no matter how difficult life can be, no matter the heartache or thorn in the flesh you face, know that you are loved.  God loved you before He created you, He loves you each moment of your life, and if you choose to invite Jesus into your life and heart, that love carries you to eternity with Him. God loves you enough that He came to die for you, so that you may live with Him.  He loves you right where you are, but He loves you enough to not leave you there, but to offer you a life that overcomes and is filled with His Spirit, if you allow it.   I hope you can come Sunday and share with us, as we talk about God’s unconditional and amazing love for you.

Rev. Mike

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