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Christ Works!

Jesus’ mission for our church, (why we exist) is all about growing in faith! We are commissioned with a purpose—to become and create disciples of Christ.

John Wesley taught, discipleship is a process! Our relationship with Christ matures with grace: 1. prevenient grace which precedes our faith response, 2. justifying grace which cleanses and forgives us from past sin, and 3. sanctifying grace which gives power to resist temptation and reflect His ultimate glory.

“So pastor,” you may be asking, “what does the end product, a disciple (or fully devoted follower) of Jesus Christ look like?”  May I suggest that disciples will look like ordinary people who are recipients of and responders to extraordinary grace!  If you look in the mirror, you will note that a disciple will reflect the image of Christ inwardly but outwardly a disciple will “look like you!”

I have many fond memories of your acts of apostolic mission and radical ministry, I am grateful for your extravagant generosity and your impact in Christ Church. I am most of all amazed by your bold witness and selfless service which you offer beyond our family of faith.

What does a disciple look like? … It looks like you!

Over the next 4 weeks which I have left with you dear friends, I would like to focus on the heartbeat of Christ mission—Growing up, down, in and out as disciples of Christ.  This Sunday we will gather at 9 AM for worship in the Sanctuary and at #Lot4praise! We will sing together, pray, and I am excited to share a message from Acts 2: “Growing Up!” See you in church this Sunday!

In Christ. Pastor Larry

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