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Christ Works!

Jesus’ mission for our church, (why we exist) is all about growing our faith! We are commissioned with a purpose—Growing a Love Relationship with Christ. Our commission is then to go, be and make disciples of Christ. I can think of no more noble purpose for life or any work that makes greater impact for eternity.

So I read about a young man who was a candidate for an elite executive position at a prominent company. After several rounds of interviewing, the next step involved a strategy to determine what was at the core, the driving influence for each job applicant.

This unique interview round included a trip to a bar with the goal of causing each candidate to become inebriated,  At the “relaxed” stage, the company would discern more candid responses. One pivotal question explored issues of character and competence, “What do you really want out of life?”

The interviewer thought he heard all the answers, until he heard the response of this young man; “I want to go to heaven when I die and I want to take as many people with me as I possibly can.”  Oh that God would restore our focus and raise our passion for souls.

Over the next 3 weeks which I have left with you dear friends, I would like to focus on the heartbeat of Christ mission—Growing up, down, in and out as disciples of Christ.  This Sunday we will gather at 9 AM for worship in the Sanctuary and at #Lot4praise! We will sing together, pray, and I am excited to share a message from Acts 2:42-43 “Growing Deep” See you in church this Sunday!

In Christ. Pastor Larry


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