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Christmas Day Worship

10:00 AM on December 25th

            This year Christmas falls on a Sunday.  This is a blessing as we celebrate Christ’s birth on a Sabbath day set aside for worship and praise. This is a challenge for families, especially those with young children.   Here is what the Worship Committee has come up with.  Come as you are at 10:00.  If your kids have presentable pajamas, they are welcome to wear them.  (Please no adults in onesies. This is disturbing and it actually happened once in another church.  It still haunts me.)  We plan to have nursery care, but at present, that is all.  We want to give our volunteers a holiday, so we are not planning to have Kid’s Worship.  This will truly be a family day together. There will be no Children’s Sunday school on Christmas, and we are recommending the Adult Classes take the day off as well.   Please contact your Sunday school teacher about their plans.  This special challenges only comes every few years, so let’s plan to be together and make it a wonderful day of celebrating Jesus birthday together.  Rev. Mike

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