Covenant — Via the Holy Spirit  

Jesus used images borrowed from the field of agriculture. He told parables about Farmers who plant seeds each year seeking an annual crop. There were also stories of those who tended vineyards and grew trees bearing fruit.  The image of the covenant is clear with each.

God acts in covenant with His people to enter into a love relationship.

His sacrifice is His very own Son, who in turn makes a deposit in us the presence of His Spirit. The Spirit then blossoms and flowers, producing fruit pleasing to God. How incredibly fulfilling it is to witness God’s people cooperating in the grace and sweet fruits produced by the Holy Spirit!

This Sunday let us bring an offering of praise and transform our parking lot into a place of His worship! We will pray for our families, churches, city and nation. Bruce Lautzenheiser’s music will edify our faith and I want to share a Word that God’s Spirit is prompting from Galatians 5, “Covenant with the Spirit”.

In Christ,

Pastor Larry.