Christ Works! His power is at work through you, His Church!

I have often been amazed to discover when we are helpless, things seem most futile, that is when God’s power shows up. It is then His glory will fully show off. Ever been at that point of despair? At the end of your hope is where you will find God!

Nothing is impossible for God. He can revive new life even out of disaster, disease and death. Revival begins with surrender. As we humble ourselves, turn to God, seek His face, then His Holy Spirit is released to cleanse, forgive and restore, i.e. to operate in ways exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or even imagine. Even in the depths of Despair, chains of bondage were broken. Please take a moment to check out your pastor in prison here:

This Sunday Christ Church will humbly turn to God in praise and worship. We will pray, seek God’s face, offer Him our first fruits and open His Word. I am excited to share a message in the Acts Revive series from Acts 12, “Without a doubt.”  Your God and church family need you in worship this Sunday.

In Christ Alone,

Pastor Larry