Our Mission

Christ United Methodist Church exists to bring people to a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to bring all believers to maturity in Christ through worship, study, training, and to place them in ministry both within and without the congregation.

Our Core Values

We believe Christ United Methodist Church in Louisville exists to bring people to Personal Saving Relationship (PSR) with God. Even in our crazy busy culture and time, a PSR is the only matter that makes a difference for eternity! When we experience how passionate is that love relationship with God.

We are energized to grow in four ways:

1. We grow up to God in Worship (Sundays at 9 am):

2. We grow in the study of the Word, Sunday School classes at 10:15 am, Bible Studies on Wednesday 9:15 am. These disciplines develop strong faith foundations.

3. We stretch in training, committed to doing what is right with projects and groups committed to building better marriages, families, and communities.

We extend out in ministry events and mission projects to our city, nation, and world. God challenges us to grow up, down, in, and out.

The Altar

“We have an altar.”  (Hebrews 1:10a).  The visible altar is a reminder of the sacrificial death of our Lord, who “died in sin, once-for-all.” (Romans 6:10a).  Thus His work is “finished” in principle but freshly “applied” in worship in His name.

AN ALTAR is two things: a tomb and a table… It calls to mind the death of our Savior and the “table”—the Holy Communion—by which His death is made effective for us today.  The altar in this sanctuary is actually a free-standing communion table.  The minister may serve the elements from behind the table, in keeping with the Protestant principle of “the priesthood of all believers,” so that we gather “around” the Lord’s table.  In this way, the minister is the servant of Christ, not an intermediary.

The entire life of the Christian should be consecrated before the altar: birth (infant baptism, graduation from the catechism, joining the Church, marriage, and death (the funeral).

The Chancel Symbols

On the altar is the symbol of “The Lamb of God” (Agnus Dei) taken from John 1:29.36, etc., according to which Jesus Christ is presented as the perfect sacrifice of God for the sins of man.  This symbol on the altar reminds us that our Lord suffered and died for us and our salvation.  The Lamb holds a banner, the symbol of victory (Psalm 60:4.51. The resurrection of Jesus is that victory.

Along the top edge of the altar is a design including wheat and grapes signifying the elements of the Holy Communion, which celebrates the death of Christ.

Above the altar is the Cross. There is only one Cross of salvation, and there is only one Cross to command your attention in the chancel area.  It is a large Cross–of a size sufficient for all.  It is finished with a rough texture and a gold color.  The rough texture reminds us of the rudeness, the cruelty of the Cross of Christ.  The gold color speaks of the glory of his death.  Thus the suffering and the shining victory are combined in this symbol.  Each worshipper is forced to consider it and called to make his personal response.

The candles on the altar stand for Christ as “the Light of the world” (John. 8:12). The lectern shows us the importance of the reading of the Holy Scriptures.  The pulpit stresses the cruciality of the proclamation of the gospel. The baptismal font tells us that the Church is a place of regeneration.  The communion rail beckons all to approach the throne of grace …and kneel.

The open center aisle says we have gained access into God’s presence (Romans. 5:2).  The ceiling points upward to God and creates a sense of awe as it seems to capture space.

Meet Our Senior Pastor

Larry Hinkle

Pastor Larry has served as senior pastor at Louisville Christ Church since 2002. He was ordained in the East Ohio Conference and joyfully embraces God’s assignment to minister with the faithful people of Christ Church Louisville. Pastor Larry married Cathy, the love of his life, in 1981. Cathy partners in many ministry activities within the church and also serves as a speech pathologist in the Champion school system. Together they are parents of three daughters, Abby, Juliana, and Lacie, and three grandsons, Eric, Michael, and Henry.




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We believe Christ United Methodist Church in Louisville exists to bring people to Personal Saving Relationship (PSR) with God. Even in our crazy busy culture and time, a PSR is the only matter that makes a difference for eternity!

I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me