“The Intersection of Obscurity and Recognition!”

Christ Works! Because He lives, all fear is gone! I know He holds the future, and I can face an uncertain tomorrow, just because He lives! It was 50 years ago when Gloria Gaither first experienced a test which would become her greatest testimony! She was overwhelmed with anxiety; she felt overwhelmed with the thought of her baby growing up in a world which seemed out of control. God’s Spirit directed her focus on Christ and gave the calm assurance! With God a child (and its mom) can face a future without fear because of the living Christ! Out of every test, God will raise up a testimony. This Sunday at 10-10:45 we are planning to enter a 3rd phase of our Church reopen project; So we invite you to gather for a Sunday School/Holy Conference conversation in Fellowship Hall. Prior to reopening our Sunday School classrooms for study we will gather for conversation about the tests we have experienced during the past year. We also want to share the testimony of where and how we have seen God at work. This Sunday at 9 AM we invite the church to gather for worship in the Sanctuary or in the North parking area (89.5 FM #Lot4praise)! We will sing, pray together and I am excited to share a message, “At the Intersection of Obscurity and Recognition! In Christ. Pastor Larry

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Easter Sunrise Service 7:30 am in the Parking Lot!

Easter celebrates resurrection! In the Bible it all happened early and so we are preparing for a Rise and Shine Celebration on Easter Morning! Please mark your calendars for an outdoor Sunrise Service to celebrate Resurrection, Sunday. April 4 at 7:30 am.

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At the Intersection of Faith and Doubt!

This Sunday we invite you to start your week with a holy habit! We will gather in the sanctuary and at the #Lot4praise worship in the north lot at 9 am; We will sing, pray together and I am excited to share a message, “At the Intersection of Faith and Doubt!

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Intersections of Life–Communion!

Thank you for your prayers and patience, seeking discernment in our plans to reopen the sanctuary in a safe way for worship. We will ask all who enter to wear masks, (our signs of love), practice safe distancing in the entry, exit and seating. Our reopen for worship in the sanctuary is this Sunday, March 7, at 9 am. We thank God!

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