Prayer Vigil

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 H.O.P.E. House of Prayer Experience (24 hours of Prayer for Christ UMC)

Thank you for using this house of Prayer Experience Prayer Vigil Guide. Please find an isolated place and use this guide with your bible.

Jesus said, “My House will be called a House of Prayer” (Luke 19:46) As you enter into this time of prayer, read and contemplate Psalm 100; “Note how to enter into God’s House” – His gates, and His courts!

Share with the LORD; Thankfulness –What God has done! Offer praise to God – Who he is!

Read Luke19: 28 -48; Confess ways that our temple (church sanctuary) or physical body has been defiled and entreat Jesus to enter to purify it.

Read Luke 18: 1-8. Ask God to release a spirit of persistant prayer in our church.

Seek him to raise up…prayer…intercessors…groups of prayers.

Pray that God will have full control over every intercessor’s life.

Read John 17: 1-5; Ask God that Jesus might be glorified in this house.

Read John 17: 6-19. Insert your name where Jesus says “those,” “they,” “them.”

Agree/believe/receive what Jesus is praying for;

1. I am God’s love gift to Jesus.

2. I have been entrusted with His Word.

3. I am the direct object of Jesus’ passionate prayers in heaven.

4. Jesus protects me that we might be (one) united.

5. Jesus desires that I might experience the full measure of His joy.

6. Jesus petitions that I might be protected from the evil one.

6. Jesus prayed that I might be truly sanctified.

Read John 17: 20-26. Pray with Jesus for even those yet to be saved:

I pray now for________________ who needs salvation (John 17 20-21).

I pray now for unity; His church to be one body, brought to complete unity (John 17: 22-23).

I pray now that I might know Him more and see His glory (John 17: 24-26).

Take some time to listen to what God is speaking through the holy spirit.

Linger as long as the LORD is speaking.

Close with the Lord’s prayer, (Matthew 6: 5-13)

For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever more.