Christ Works!

His power transforms timid disciples to become terrific ambassadors of God. Faith is the key, and your church is commissioned to grow your faith so that you will become courageous and confident.

I believe the best practices for strong faith happens in times of testing.  Testing of faith produces perseverance, character and hope. Christ Church exists to build faith strong via these four Pillars: 1. Worship; 2. Study of the Word; 3. Training/equipping; and 4. Serving in and beyond the Church.

This Sunday we will gather for worship as a family at 9 am. We will rejoice in singing, prayer, be edified by music, and I am excited to dig into the Word and discover from Jesus’ miracle in the storm! We will explore Matthew 8:23-27, and “Overcoming Barriers to Belief—Fear!”

See you in church this Sunday!

Pastor Larry