What is myEoffering?

myEoffering is a service we’ve teamed up with to give you the ability to send your offerings online in the same way that many of you already pay bills and purchase products. We chose to use myEoffering because they are part of a trusted, Christian family-owned company, who have been serving the needs of churches for nearly 100 years. Their product is solid, secure, easy and convenient.

Why Should I Use myEoffering?

Many of you already pay for purchases electronically. So we have decided to offer this service as a convenience to you. You can stop writing checks or having to remember to bring cash every Sunday. Simply log in to our service and set up your offering. You can set the donations to match your pay periods, and even send your one-time donations to special offerings. This new service allows you to give any amount, at any time, from home or on the road, with your computer or even your mobile device. Now you can control how and when you give your tithes.

How Does it Help?

Online giving is the future. In the lifetime of our young people, we
will see electronic payments overshadow traditional methods of paper
payments. In order to position ourselves to continue doing the work of
God in the future and to make it as convenient as possible to be a cheer-
ful giver to God’s work, we have decided to offer online giving to you.

Debit/Credit Card Giving Now Available

Since launching on-line giving, we have only offered ACH or EFT transactions.  Debit and credit card transactions are now another option for you.  You can sign up exactly the same way, or if you are already using myEoffering, just update your profile and enter a debit/credit card number in place of your checking/savings account number.

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Amazon Smile


AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on Amazon.com. The difference is that when customers shop at AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organization(s) selected by the customer.  There is no cost to CUMC or to AmazonSmile customers. 

The shopping experience is identical to Amazon.com with the added benefit that the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate to CUMC (or the charitable organization of your choice).  On your first visit to http://smile.amazon.com, shoppers will be prompted to select a charitable organization from the list of eligible organizations, which includes CUMC.  That selection will be remembered by the Foundation.  Beginning with that purchase and all eligible future purchases, a donation of 0.5% will be forwarded to CUMC about 45 days following the end of each calendar quarter by electronic funds transfer.

Although, this is a new program to me, some of our congregation members are aware of this benefit.  Our notification letter was sent because one or more Amazon shoppers have selected to support CUMC when they shopped at AmazonSmile!  Won’t you join others in furthering the ministries of CUMC as you shop?  Thanks for your support!



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May 2017


Operating Fund – Year to Date
$         915.55  Beginning Bal. 1/1/2017
$  155,771.91  Income
$ (159,306.72) Expenses
$    (2,619.26) Balance 5/31/2017
   (With 25% of our Conference
         Apportionments paid)


Operating Fund for May
$    27,865.00   Income
$  (32,031.24)  Expenses
$    (4,166.24)  Balance


Conference Missions
$ 808.71 May Income
(26.56% of Conference Missions Paid)

To date……….$4,970.71


Capital Improvements
$ 2,065.00 May Income

To date……….$12,900.82


Legacy Fund
$ 658.00 May Income

To date……….$4005.00


Endowment Fund
$ 518.00 May Income

To date……….$3,464.50


Loose Change for Missions
$44.87 was collected in May and sent to the Francis Asbury Society.


Thank you for your faithful giving to further God’s work being done through our church.