Christ Works!

And Jesus has an offer that we cannot afford to overlook or refuse. By His mighty power we are invited to bring any burden, baggage or brokenness and cash it all in for His peace.  Paul’s Word in Philippians 4:6-7 has the language of exchange—all my anxiety traded for His Peace. Sunday I want to share in worship what is the missing key for unlocking that transition.

As we church family bring closure to 2017, God permits us to enter a new season, with the opportunity to write a new chapter of our life. Of all the possible resolves for this new year, I pray God might compel you to begin a closer walk with greater trust in Christ.

This Sunday, New Years Eve, we will assemble at 9 am to praise our awesome God. We will rejoice in singing, will worship and pray, commission our new leaders, be edified by the music of EXALT, receive communion, and respond to His Word. I am excited to share a Word God has placed in my heart from Philippians, “How to Stress Less!”

See you in church this Sunday!

Pastor Larry