Christ Works!

And Church on this day the world gives thanks, I thank my God for your partnership in the work of the Gospel! Your acts of faith are critical for the mission of Christ in this present age. When you worship, pray, give, and serve it reflects a conduct worthy of the Gospel. Gospel worthy conduct is not so much about perfection but direction.

This world is desperately wanting to know if the gospel makes a difference? Their challenge is…”if you show me your redeemed life, I might believe in your Redeemer.”  A huge evidence for the peace, power and purpose Christ gives is your visible witness of His Hope in selfless service! The Hope for Houston Mission team testified to that truth in November! I would love for you to hear the impact you made in Houston last week:

This Sunday at Christ Church, we will assemble to praise our awesome God, to pray, offer tithes, receive and respond to His Word. I am excited to share a Word God has placed on my heart from Philippians, “Gospel Worthy!” See you in worship this Sunday!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Pastor Larry