Christ Works! You are His launching pad!

One of the healthiest evidences of a life giving church is that it serves as a launching pad for people into ministry and missions.  Over the years Christ church has served as the source of God’s call and claim on person’s lives.  Some were called to be pastors, others were commissioned as youth pastors, missionaries, evangelists, worship leaders and teachers. I love this testimony of two of my favorite young people who share how God has uniquely called and is equipping them for His ministry.

What a blessing to know that God is using Christ church as His Launching Pad, equipping leaders for a next generation of the Gospel.

This Sunday Christ Church will humbly turn to God in praise and worship. We will pray, seek God’s face, sing, offer Him our tithes, open His Word and celebrate Holy Communion. I am excited to share a message from the Revive series Acts 13, “God’s Launching Pad.”  See you in worship this Sunday!

In Christ Alone,

Pastor Larry