Dear friends,

Christ works and we are on His mission to redeem a lost world to himself.

It was back in the 1970’s but I still recall the distress message from Apollo13; “Houston we have a problem.”

Thankfully the astronauts and mission team rallied, the whole world prayed and a terrible disaster in space was averted.

As I write, a church mission team is serving the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. After 3 brutal days in the remnants of the flood zones, We could echo that message “Houston has a problem,” But the city is rallying, people are serving, giving and praying, hope is returning and Gods hand is moving. I shot this video of Sylvia whose home was flooded by 17 inches of water. On Christ┬ámission day 1 & 3 we served in Sylvia’s recovery.

This Sunday we will gather in church to sing praise, honor God, pray, offer our lives and open Gods Word. I am excited to share a message from Philippians called “Generous Thanksgiving”.

In Christ alone

Pastor Larry