Christ Works!

His hope is a powerful encourager in seasons of discouragement. Hope shines brightest in the darkness. In his beautiful Christmas hymn “O Holy Night,” John Dwight invites us to close our eyes and imagine the world before the birth of Jesus. He says it is a world that lay “in sin and error pining.” The word pining refers to the wasting away of the human spirit as it grieves and endures pain. In other words, he paints a picture of a world of darkness without light, and a world of despair without hope. But then come the next three words “till he appeared.” When Jesus appeared everything changed.  Hope is a mighty work of encouragement!

This Advent season, we will be embracing the other beautiful colors of Christmas. Red and green are appropriate colors for Christmas decoration but growing numbers also experience the Christmas blues. The great news of Christmas is that hope is stronger than our past sin and this world’s present troubles. God’s Hope is real, people genuinely need real hope so this Sunday I am excited to share God’s way to get encouraged when we feel discouraged.

This Sunday at Christ Church, we will assemble to praise our awesome God, to sing and pray, to offer tithes, to receive and respond to His Word. I am excited to share a Word God has stirred in my heart from Philippians, “Blue the Color of Hope!”

See you in church this Sunday!

Pastor Larry