Christ Works!

His greatest work is His gift to you! It is your faith! The Bible reminds us what may appear to be a contradiction, “without faith it is impossible to please God.” (Hebrews 11:6) Here is the thing, the God who said with Me all things are possible! Now declares one thing that is impossible—For us to please God without faith! Our faith is of utmost importance for pleasing God.  I want yours to be great faith!

This Sunday we will launch a new message series in worship.  As I open the Word, I will be asking God what He wants to reveal, so that YOU might grow strong in confident faith—that YOUR life might please God!

This Sunday we will gather for worship as a family at 9 am. We will rejoice in singing, prayer, be edified by music, and I am excited to share tools that might grow you into a confident faith! We will explore Matthew 8:5-13, and “Overcoming Barriers to Belief!”

See you in church this Sunday!

Pastor Larry