Our Mission & Vision

Vision Statement: Jesus Christ Works!

Mission Statement: Christ United Methodist Church exists to bring people to a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to bring all believers to maturity in Christ through worship, study, training, and to place them in ministry both within and without the congregation.

Our Core Values

We believe Christ United Methodist Church in Louisville exists to bring people to Personal Saving Relationship (PSR) with God.
Even in our crazy busy culture and time, a PSR is the only matter that makes a difference for eternity!
When we experience how passionate is that love relationship with God.
We are energized to grow in four ways:

  1. We grow up to God in Worship (Sundays at 9am):
  2. We grow in study of the Word, Sunday School classes at 10:15 am, Bible Studies on Wednesday 9:15 am. These disciplines develop strong faith foundations.
  3. We stretch in training, committed to doing what is right with projects and groups committed to building better marriages, families, and communities.
  4. We extend out in ministry events and mission projects to our city, nation and world.
    God challenges us to grow up, down, in and out.


2017 Church Goals

S.T.O.R.M. Mission Camp, July 16 – 22, 2017, In order to serve others for relational ministry Christ United Methodist Church will host a S.T.O.R.M. Ohio 2017 with 30-45 youth to complete mission projects in the surrounding area.

Revive Louisville – Equip and train to love, listen, discern and pray for 100 people.

4 web based marketing campaigns to reach 8000; Grow 800 closer to Christ; Connect 80 new people into worship, study, training or ministry in Christ.