Dear Friends, Christ Works!  

A bellwether is a trendsetter! You church family are uniquely situated in a county which historically has served as the bellwether of our nation! That was the insight of Kyle and Laura Martin at Revive Worship when trendsetter churches united Sunday Sept. 10, at Metzger Park Amphitheater for an outdoor service. A fresh wind of the Holy Spirit breathed hope of revival for this area. In case you missed or would love to hear her again, this is a clip from Laura Martin, “The courage to be a trend setter!”

Thank you for praying and pressing into revival for our region. Revival results from humility, unity and hunger. This Sunday, we will gather in the sanctuary for worship, we will honor God with our praise, prayer, gifts, music, and the spoken Word.  I am excited to continue the Revive Series in Acts 9:36-43! I will ask a critical question around your legacy, “What works might they display at your funeral?”

In Christ Alone,

Pastor Larry