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cross_1Dear Friends in Christ,
God has always used those who have heard Him speak through His Son, by His prophets, His written Word, and even in dreams! This month our message series focuses on Joseph, the dreamer and include the times of dreaming, scheming and redeeming.
Christ UMC was birthed by a dream, an unspoken message to a horse rider seeking help for a neighbor in grief. Over the years, dreams of ministries, missions, buildings and community impact events have created an identity and witness for the family of Christ UMC.
Just this year a clear and compelling ministry began called Agape Initiate. The vision was to increase the confidence, proficiency and tools of at least 12 persons for initiating spiritual conversations. Wow! That is what I will say, because the results of Winter Agape Wednesdays were outstanding!

Thank you church for your commitment to the meal, the worship time, the conversation and learning! The post-test indicates that over 3 times more people gained in 5 weeks a significant increase in confidence, proficiency and the tools for initiating spiritual conversations.
Dreams are crazy things, in hindsight we can always see which were of God and which were probably of self. Mike Slaughter identifies 3 qualities that offer guidance to discern in advance what or who is the source of our dreams.

1. Does it honor God? 2. Does it help people?  3. Does it give you joy?
This month I want to share about dreaming, scheming and redeeming, and mostly how a 3500 year old message applies in 21st century America and even in our lives today.
See you in Church this Sunday,
Pastor Larry

Messages for May
May 3 –  Music Ministry Sunday
Genesis 39:17-23
May 10 –  In Your Wildest Dreams
Genesis 40:6-23
May 17 –  Youth Sunday

May 24 –  Dreaming Like Royalty
Genesis 41:22-32
May 31 –  Preparing for Difficult Days
Genesis 41:46-57


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