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Pastor Hinkle and RTP Power Point Jan Street 2015

Thank you church for embracing the challenge to read and love the Word! What we eat today becomes our diet, shapes our appetite and impacts our eternity.
I recently read a story about the bears in Yellowstone Park. In the 1960’s, tourists could drive right up to a bear, roll down their window and feed their McDonald’s hamburger to the hungry animal. The bear would gladly take the burger along with the hand of the tourist! The bears were changing their feeding habits and in the process endangering visitors.
The National Park Service decided to relocate the bears to higher country where God had already provided for them a natural diet of luscious berries. However, because the bears had changed their feeding patterns, many of them refused to eat the berries. Some actually died.
This account raises the same kinds of concern for believers. In Exodus, a pattern of behavior developed among those who had been redeemed out of spiritual bondage in Egypt. In the wilderness prior to entry into the Promised Land their appetite still craved the food they consumed in Egypt. God can get His children out of Egypt, but often fails to get Egypt out of His children.
We have all the tasted the wisdom of the ancient saying, “you are what you eat,” and the modern version “garbage in, garbage out.” Feeding (reading and reflecting) on the Word of God will become the best catalyst for Spiritual growth in a Christian’s life.
I believe you will experience a new appetite at Agape Wednesday’s. You will learn some new skills for understanding and reading the Word for maximum impact.
Would love to have you at Agape and I hope to see you in Church this Sunday,
Pastor Larry

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