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Dear Friends in Christ,
Christ Church began with a vision, to provide hope in time of grief; It was birthed by what could only be described as a miracle; and it has flourished in its mission of bringing people into a personal saving relationship with Christ.
What was that original vision? What dream for a favourable future was captured and communicated? The historical documents and archives don’t describe it as clearly as might be hoped, but I believe that the origins of the vision for our church’s ministry can be traced to the story of a family in time of grief, struggling to find an answer to the eternal question asked during the loss of one they loved. His appeal prompted the response of friends, a pastor and a community of faith.
The answer to the eternal question—Is there anything out there that provides hope, anyone who can stop the pain, anywhere that I can find fulfilment and purpose in life?
The questions have not changed with the years and even though culture shouts remedies to the quest for power, possessions and peace. The world’s solution to the ultimate Questions don’t bring lasting fulfilment. God gives His remedy. It is the only answer to the world’s emptiness.
In the past 160 years since the birth of our church, our culture has changed, but its answers have stayed remarkably similar. More possessions, money, relationships, sex, or sedations will numb the pain, deny the issue or delay the consequences. The church has a clear and urgent answer to the most pressing questions of life, “Yes, there is something that works, Jesus Christ Works!”
In the period of Lent I am excited for a series: “The Non-Negotiables of Life.” What happens when we place Jesus first #JesusFirst, make Him our priority and (gulp) take the challenge of living fully into the Lordship of Christ.
See you in Church this Sunday
In Christ,
Pastor Larry

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Matthew 6:33

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5 responses to Home

  1. Ken Willard

    What time is your service? Do you offer Sunday School?

  2. Lue Perkins

    We drove past our church last night and saw the cross lit up. It almost took my breath away! To some, the cross reminds folks of the sadness and brutality of the death of our Lord. Not to say I don’t cry when I see the crucifixion, but last night I saw the glorious beauty of an extraordinary gift – everlasting life! I hope we keep this cross in front of the church lit all seasons. What a message of hope.., what a witness to our community…what an invitation to the lost and hurting. I can still close my eyes and see the cross.

  3. Linda Mayes

    Wondered how this works. Love the web site

  4. michelle

    is it possible to buy tickets for rock the park 2014 at your church? or do we have to go through itickets ?

  5. Cheri Miller

    Please go through I tickets.

    Cheri Miller

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