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Dear Friends,

Jesus’ Resurrection changed history! An empty tomb announced victory, God’s power over death, peace instead of fear, and confident purpose for life!
Jesus’ name has been attached to many of his attributes and titles. We use phrases like the good shepherd, our wonderful savior, friend of sinners, lover of my soul, blessed redeemer, living Word, etc.
Of all the many terms that have been used to describe Jesus, one must never be forgotten.… “Jesus the LORD!
Anno Domini is the term used to describe our present age. This year is the 2016th Anno Domini! The phrase comes from Latin and is sometimes expanded to, “anno Domini nostri Iesu!” You probably realize it means, “In the Year of our Lord Jesus Christ!”
We can call Jesus, Lord because Colossians 3:1, describes His present position—He is seated at the right hand of God. That’s the place of authority, and when Paul revealed that truth he announced that not only is Jesus in charge of my life, Christ is in charge of all things in the universe and beyond.
What a wonderful vision, to look up and realize that Christ is on the throne and in charge of everything. We can live with bold confidence and risk radical faith knowing that He is in control. As Because Jesus changed history, past events verify present realities, which perfect this future truth! Jesus was, is and will be Lord of All!
See you in Church this Sunday,
Pastor Larry
Messages for April
3 “F.E.A.R.”
John 20:19-22
10 “Faith”
John 20:23-31
17 “Food”
John 21:1-13
24 “Follow”
John 21:15-25

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