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cross_1Dear Friends in Christ,
Where will the next generation of Christian leaders come from? Who has God appointed to replace Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, Charles Stanley, and the great Christian leaders for the next generation? When there are questions about who will rise to speak clearly and communicate with special effectiveness for a new generation, God in history has faithfully imparted His grace with a “fresh call” for such a time as this.
Christian leaders through history have not always been “groomed” from birth. In fact those called for special ministry come from vocations such as fishing, carpentry, tent-making and even adversarial roles to Christian faith. By the power of God’s Spirit lives are radically changed and by His Spirit shaped to be called out for Christ.
I believe we may discover that the next generation of Christian leaders will not come from seminaries or even church backgrounds but possibly from unusual vocations and oppositional backgrounds.
During March 22-25, Christ UMC will host a series of special services entitled “Fresh Call!” How God has spoken recently in hearts and placed His Call into lives of men and women.
During “Fresh Call!” we will hear of the claims Christ has made on a college professor, a youth pastor, a former college football player, a builder, and a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I need you to hold this series of special meetings in prayer, to look forward for a prayer vigil seeking God’s special blessing and power for His Church and to anticipate the testimony of “Fresh Call” messengers.
On Sunday mornings during the 40 Days of Lent I am also excited about a message series: “Non-Negotiables of Life.” What happens when we place Jesus first #JesusFirst, and make Him our priority and (gulp) take the challenge of living fully into the Lordship of Christ?
See you in Church this Sunday,
Pastor Larry

March Messages
1 “First & Greatest Command”
Matthew 22:34-38
8 “First & Last”
Matthew 19:16-30
15 “First Fruits”
Genesis 4:1-5
22 “Fresh Call”
Dr. Sue Nicholson
29 “Return of the King”
Matthew 21:8-11

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