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Dear Friends in Christ,

Tom Brokaw calls them, “It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.” He is speaking of those who endured and thrived in the midst of a great depression. ”The WWII generation shares so many common values: duty, honor, country, personal responsibility and the marriage vow.” Wow, that is high praise in spite of threats and conflicts without and fears within.
Other virtues which contribute to this generation’s greatness include a respect for authority, the virtue for being independent, productive and self-reliant, a fear of God, the value of savings and avoidance of debt.
This month of October, we would love to celebrate those values and character qualities of that great generation. Our messages in worship will reflect on God’s supernatural partnership not just in that generation but in Israel’s history.
We will discover that, God honors radical, risk-taking faith. When arks are built, lives are saved. When soldiers march and trumpets blow, wall’s tumble. When a staff is raised, seas still split. When a lunch is shared, thousands are fed. When the hem of a garment is touched—whether by the hand of an anemic woman in Galilee or by the prayers of a beggar—Jesus stops. He responds to living faith.
God hasn’t changed, nor does He. God is still in the business of meeting us at the point of our need when we seek Him and initiate faith in action. May I challenge you to take that next step of radical and risk taking faith!
See you in Church this Sunday!

In Christ,
Pastor Larry
Messages for October

October 5  Offering What We Have
II Kings 4:1-7
October 12 Dedicating Our Homes
II Kings 4:8-37
October 19 Doing it God’s Way
II Kings 5:8-15
October 26 God Will Provide
II Kings 6:24-7:9




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  1. Ken Willard

    What time is your service? Do you offer Sunday School?

  2. Lue Perkins

    We drove past our church last night and saw the cross lit up. It almost took my breath away! To some, the cross reminds folks of the sadness and brutality of the death of our Lord. Not to say I don’t cry when I see the crucifixion, but last night I saw the glorious beauty of an extraordinary gift – everlasting life! I hope we keep this cross in front of the church lit all seasons. What a message of hope.., what a witness to our community…what an invitation to the lost and hurting. I can still close my eyes and see the cross.

  3. Linda Mayes

    Wondered how this works. Love the web site

  4. michelle

    is it possible to buy tickets for rock the park 2014 at your church? or do we have to go through itickets ?

  5. Cheri Miller

    Please go through I tickets.

    Cheri Miller

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